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782 Main Street (2)    Location Map


Location: SW corner Main & Sutherland; South Face

Occupant: Vineyard Church

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Lord Selkirk Park

Artist(s): Clandestinos (Shalak Attack & Bruno Smoky)

Year: 2016

Sponsors: North End Community Renewal Corporation, Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival

Painters: Assisted by Pat Lazo.


Mural of the Year 2016   
Click here to view Shalak Attack's video of the making of this Mural.

Shalak Attack: "The title of this image is 'Mending'. She's mending a heart that has a rip in it. There's light coming out of the heart too. She's mending the broken heart but there's still hope because out of the heart comes the light."

"She's representing a unity of First Nations, First Peoples of the Americas- from the very South to the very North. We utilized the patterns on her poncho to illustrate the different cultures and communities from here going all the way South. She also has muskox on her hat, which Vineyard Church says was a big inspiration for them. The muskox circle their young and protect them when wolves and other predators come and target the weaker ones. They are circling her hat like a crown for protection."

"There is also the vamps, the two circular objects on her chest piece at the front of the poncho above the pinecone. The vamps are being used as symbols for the missing and murdered Indigenous Women across Canada. This corner in the city is widely known as one of the worst for this. We felt it was important to symbolize this and recognize its reality; and that we have to start talking about it and be aware; even though some people might be uncomfortable about it."

"She has her poncho on, and underneath where her body is supposed to be she turns to sky and landscape. It's also a way to honour Mother Nature. The prairies and the grasslands are also in there. She's healing the broken heart but she's also positive about it."

Remarks at the 2016 Mural of the Year Luncheon by Vineyard Church Pastor John Rademaker:

The Vineyard Church feels privileged and honoured to be the venue for the 2016 Mural of the Year. This project has turned an ugly wall into a significant statement in this locale for the entire city to see and enjoy.

The Artistic Craft has been loud and victorious in its expression of a message for all to see. This location has a history of tragedy and compassionate response to events that have blighted our city on the past. From finding the body of a young aboriginal lady behind the now demolished Yellow Warehouse, to the Memorial Garden commemorating the loss and hurt of murdered and missing aboriginal women, this new reminder of our hearts response adds to the voice and sight of who we as a city really want to be. From the most violent to the most compassionate seems to fit well with who we really are as a city.

The Mural depicts the many acts of heart mending that occur every day. Whether it's a humanitarian or spiritually motivated response, the end result is good and right. A broken heart is not something for anyone to carry. Only through our compassion can we help to heal. It is a message and picture for all to see and own. Many have already driven by or sat in the park and contemplated the message. And many more will.

This church is a patron for healing. The musk ox (on the hat) have their own way. The weak go to the middle of the pack for protection until they are strong enough to come to the outside circle of strength. As a church, we espouse the spiritual healing of Jesus' love and compassion for mankind. Over the years many have seen comfort in this.

Today as we celebrate all the people that made this Mural happen, let's meditate and internalize the "spirit of mending" towards others and for ourselves.

We thank the committee, the artists, and the organizers for selecting this venue for this marvellous work of art. It will be a lasting tribute to the heart and direction of our city.