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Spirit Way Wolves (45): Amaroq    Location Map

District: St. James

Neighbourhood: Airport

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston

  This Spirit Way Wolf is now located at its permanent home at Calm Air, 50 Morberg Way.

Amarok- the Inuit word for wolf (amaroq), the ‘k’ spelling refers to a legendary giant wolf. Also sounds like “I Am A Rock” which acts as a reference to the medium, and the notion of stability. Faux painted to look like Canadian Shield rock with lichen growing on it, with cryptic petroglyphic imagery painted or ‘carved’ into the surface, ‘I, Amarok’ tells us a story about the history of his land through symbols and geology.

About Charlie Johnston: Charles Johnston is the creator of the original howling wolf statue, and has been sculpting for over 20 years. He is best known as a muralist however, having created monumental works of art across Canada. Based in Winnipeg, Charlie’s work can also be found in Thompson, Sussex N.B, and most recently the Group of Seven muralfest in Huntsville, Ontario. With his partner Sarah, Charles runs Vault Gallery at 2181 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, a contemporary art gallery for working artists.

SPONSOR: Calm Air & Winnipeg Airports Authority.
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