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631 Main Street    Location Map

This multimedia Mural featuring ceramic tile pieces and a large quantity of found objects was 3 years in the making.

Location: SE corner Main & Logan; North Face

Occupant: Red Road Lodge

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Civic Centre

Artist(s): Annie Bergen, Lee Holleron, Ursula Neufeld (Ursula Neufeld Mosaics), Stacy Lee Hildebrand (all unsigned)

Year: 2012

Sponsors: Ceratec Ceramic Tiles, Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba), Manitoba Arts Council, Take Pride Winnipeg!


Mural of the Year 2012   

Annie Bergen: "The 'Restoration' Mural started in 2009, when Manitoba Arts Council and Neighbourhoods Alive funded a project we hoped would introduce something new to the Murals of Winnipeg. In this three-year project, we engaged the community in the creation of a huge mosaic/Mural located on the North wall of the Red Road Lodge. This project has made a huge impact in the community and involved the community members throughout the entire artistic process. Materials were collected in a resourceful and environmentally respectful manner: Hundreds of ceramic tile sample boards (which were on route to the landfill) were taken apart and incorporated onto the Mural. Also, glass and pottery remnants were collected from local stores and potters, broken chinaware, jewelry and ceramics donated from thrift stores, and so on."

Lee Holleron: "Restoration has been a life changing experience for myself, my Family and Friends. Many different relationships have been created between the artists and this neglected part of our city. Almost 4 years in its creation, we lived and breathed the Main Street and its culture... it represents countless hours of moving tile, cleaning tile, sorting tile, storing tile, by far one of the heaviest medium to work in. Plus cement."

"We involved the whole community around us, and invited them to discover the peacefulness of art. Annie and I raised our child, Aurora Sol, on Logan Avenue as we worked like crazy to finish each year before the mortar wouldn't stick in the cold. Endless hours were contributed to the project, which evolved throughout on the creativity and passion of so many People, from so many stories. I feel that our Karma is still full from the love and time and struggle we had as a family, and, with our friends, contributed to help make a little better life for the ones we touched throughout this time on Main Street. This is what Restoration means to me."

Ursula Neufeld: "We hope that by bringing art and people together and pushing that art and those people to say something and to be something that we will all grow stronger as individuals and as communities."

"Community art is art made by people. Lots of people. Anyone in the community that wants to participate. Big people, little people, people people from the community and people from far away. People that are artistic, people that aren't. But that's not the point. The purpose of community art, as we see it, is to involve a broad family of people in the creative process. And we do that with tile, paint, mirror, dishes and lots of shiny gems. And all these people, together, create. And, with a little guidance from us and a whole lotta magic, something beautiful materializes like this Mural on the Red Road Lodge. So many hands and fingers and eyes and stories are embedded in the community mosaics that you'll see here. Again and again, we've been part of the magic that happens when hands are busy and hearts are free."

Annie: "We have learned much throughout this process working with the community of Main Street and have found great joy and positive results sharing this mixed-media process with the youth of Hugh John Macdonald with projects since then at their school."