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714 St. Mary's Road    Location Map

Establishing shot of this exquisite, tasteful and unique wall. All of the activities featured on this wall are services which are rendered by the client, the business owner. The separate cutout figure of the man working on the roof to complement the Mural is, we believe, a first for Winnipeg.

Location: SW corner St. Mary's & Springside; North Face

Occupant: Class A Service Ltd.

District: St. Vital

Neighbourhood: Elm Park

Artist(s): Jill Sellers (Jill Sellers Design)

Year: 2004

Sponsors: Old St. Vital BIZ, Take Pride Winnipeg!


Trish St. Godard (client): "We wanted to commemorate our 10th year in the Old St. Vital area and we wanted to do something that would let this area know that we are going to be here for a long time. We wanted to acknowledge that we've been here for a long time, we plan on being here for a long time. We saw some of Jill's work and we thought that a Mural would be a great way to demonstrate that. We saw her heritage Mural on St. Mary's Road (see 539 St. Mary's Rd. in RIP section)".

Jim St. Godard: "It was that time period, too that we were looking for! She did such a good job."

Trish: "And then we were talking to another business owner in this area that suggested that we look at your website. So we did that and checked out some of her other work. We really liked the period pieces that she had done."

Jim: "I met with Jill and gave her an idea of the things we want to see in the Mural: a guy inside doing window cleaning, somebody else doing yardwork somebody inside doing housework and putting a guy up on the roof so that we can represent every aspect of the business that we operate. She then took all these ideas and made it artistic (see the original sketch, photo 7)."

The Mural is appropriate for and of benefit to the business (why shouldn't it?!?) but its also a tasteful heritage scene that certainly stops short of being a blatant advertisement. Trish: "We needed to have something that tied in to our business because a lot of people in the area don't even know what we do. This is just a gentle reminder of our trade."

Jim: "Jill allowed us to be very interactive and we bounced ideas of each other in terms of what to incorporate like the framing around the windows and putting the guy up on the roof- something to make it a little different."

Trish: "Were thrilled with the amount of participation we got from Take Pride Winnipeg and the Old St. Vital BIZ, and having other businesses acknowledge you as well. We would've never guessed that we would've gotten someone with such a joyous temperament as Jill. She was a real pleasure to be around and we are so pleased with the Mural."

The Mural took Jill about 3 weeks to complete, although some time was lost due to wet weather. This wall is certainly a testament to Jill's craft. Even the wooden planks at the top centre of the wall, the grains and knots of the wood have been handpainted on. She used brush and airbrush, and sometimes would use a rag to soften the feel of the wall. The clients' dogs (Jake and Gideon) appear in two places on the wall.

For more information on Class A Service, visit their site at