Jill Sellers (Jill Sellers Design)

Jill Sellers was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan beginning her career as an artist commissioning pencil portraits and drawings part-time after moving to Winnipeg from an early age. Acquiring various drawing classes she proceeded to explore a variety of mediums including watercolor, pastels, oils and airbrushed acrylics. She then continued her studies with a wide-range of art history, mainly focusing towards the masters and their techniques. In 2005 she was presented an award for one of her acrylic paintings that was a period of a historical study collection.(Picture displayed below) Achieving many successful art shows throughout Jill’s career you’ll find her exquisite work in private homes and galleries locally and abroad.

Expanding the Canvas
In 2001 Jill began studying graphic design and around the same time launching her career of painting on large surfaces. Some of her Mural work still exists on walls throughout the city. Her public, Mural artwork in Winnipeg is amongst the best in the city if you examine her body of work, you’ll quickly see why. Others have made comments to this writer regarding the quality of Jill’s Murals with phrases like:
- ‘puts some kind of etheric soul into her painting’
- ‘Her Murals are soft, gentle and moody, and yet very real. She makes hard stone look like silk.’
- ‘beautiful, evocative’
- ‘well-drawn and eye-catching’
- ‘soothing in its colors and tranquil setting’

Further Studies
Jill acquired the Architectural drafting program at RRC in 2008 and the Graphic Design program at RRC 2014.

Jill Sellers lives in St. James with her life partner, Darryl.

Contact Jill at visualartsbyjill@shaw.ca

Jill has a beautifully rendered website which we encourage everyone to visit at http://www.jillsellersdesign.com/

Click here to view Jill Seller's outdoor Winnipeg Murals.