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626 William Avenue    Location Map

Location: SW corner William & Furby; East Face

Occupant: Rainbow Food

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Alexander

Artist(s): Tiffany Seymour

Year: 2000

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!

Painters: Assisted by April Nepinak


Artist Tiffany Seymour was given only one request for content of this wall: 'something with an eagle in it.' The wall surface on the side of the store was not a good candidate to be painted on directly. Tiffany painted the scene on boards at her old school, St. John's. When she brought the panels to the location she realized the wall had a larger surface area than the 8 boards she had done, so this gave her an opportunity to enlarge her scene to include what is now the left third of the painting. For this newer section, she tried to add a picnic scene and a campsite, but later abandoned this approach because its perspective conflicted with that of the rest of the scene and the eagle. The final scene is a nice aerial birdseye view of the lake woods, and islands. She was thinking of the storeowner when she added the small rainbow because the store is called Rainbow Food.

Tiffany Seymour: "I'm not happy with the way the fish the eagle is carrying away turned out now because it looks too much like the shape of a sausage. I think I could have done the eagle better, too. I wanted to include a sunset because I wanted to add some more colours to it, but, surprisingly, they didn't really like that idea, and they preferred the scene the way it is now."