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646 Victor Street    Location Map

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Daniel McIntyre

Artist(s): unknown

  Photo courtesy of Hardy Groening.
In Dec 2006, we received the following email from the homeowner:

Friends of ours on Victor St. recently sent us an e-mail showing that our house was pictured on your web-site "The Murals of Winnipeg". Checking it out, we realized that you have an old photo (Ed. Note-see Photo 2), because two years ago we painted the house and then added M.J. to keep Spiderman company. Here is the story and photo that appeared in the West Central Streets newspaper at that time.

He's Back!
My name is Hardy Groening and I live on Victor St. If somebody told you that I was your average, ordinary guy, somebody lied! I'm the one who took down Spider-Man! They said I couldn't . but I could . and I did!
"No!" they said. "The sequel is coming out!"
"It's been two years already. His suit is ugly. His web is falling apart. He's a MENACE TO SOCIETY!"
"But he's still Spider-Man!"
"But our house still needs paint!"
I stood up to them all and I'm the one who took down Spider-Man! It's not like I'm a super hero or anything . I waited until one evening when no one was looking, and cut him down. Then I locked him in the garage. SPIDER-MAN NO MORE! Finally, I could paint the house in peace and quiet! Nellie chose 'Tibet Blue', a majestic, meditative colour, especially compared to the old 'Faded-out Levis' that Spider-Man had been protecting. Painting itself was meditative, at least for me. Ben was encouraged to help me, but he was silent for the most part.
The neighbours, however, were not silent. After several days of painting, they began coming by, usually opening the conversation with "Nice colour!"
"Yes! Nellie chose it."
"Hmmm . so where's Spider-Man?" was invariably the next question.
The first time I didn't understand the real question and answered, "Oh, he quit. He wanted to try other things."
"So . where is Spider-Man?" the question was repeated.
I mumbled, "He's in the garage."
"He'll be back, won't he?"
"I don't know," was all I was willing to answer.
The next time I was up on the ladder and finally had to yell down, "HE'S IN THE GARAGE!" In fact, I got so tired of answering this question, that I finally moved Spider-Man into the porch, where they could see him for themselves! That is, until the little boy passing by with his mother tugged at her sleeve asked in a genuinely worried tone, "Where's Spider-Man?" She had answered, "I guess he left." From my vantage point on the ladder, I could see the boy was scared. "No! There he is! He's in the porch!" "Oh, good!" he replied, reassured that the neighbourhood was still being watched over. It was tiring answering all those questions, so as soon as the paint was dry, we strung up a new web, spruced up his suit, and hung Spider-Man back up. "HE'S BACK," I yelled. "No more questions, PLEASE!"
"So, where's M.J.?
"You know, his girlfriend. Up there by himself, he looks kind of lonely. Isn't it about time somebody saved his life?"
"OK already! We'll put her up there as well!" I couldn't even remember what M.J. looked like, so Amy and Ali did her hair and assembled the outfit.
It started to snow in October last year. "You know, she looks cold." they said. "She needs a hat." So I climbed up the ladder again in the snow, and gave her a hat. Last night I asked casually, "So when's Spider-Man 3 coming out?" Apparently, I can't take him down again until May of 2007, and even then it'll be a fight!