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128 Lipton Street    Location Map

A neighbourhood Mural that commemorates the Wolseley Elm.

Location: one house south of the SW corner Lipton & Westminster; South Face

Occupant: Creative Look

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Wolseley

Artist(s): Tiffany Seymour, Susan Dietz, April Nepinak

Year: 2010

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Herc Rentals


Tiffany Seymour: At the left top is Mary Anne Good. She`s the one who in 1860 planted the elm tree on her property. There was no street there then, but eventually the site of the tree became the intersection of Greenwood and Wolseley. There were no problems with the tree at all until the 1950`s. There were concerns that people would run into it, and a big sign to keep right of the tree. I believe at one time the tree was listed in Ripley`s Believe it or Not as the smallest park because there was a little boulevard around it. So they were going to tear the tree down and all the ladies from Wolseley came together and protested and locked their arms together around it to save the tree. There were 12 ladies. It was a big deal: there were reporters and cops there. I believe the year was 1957. The Mayor Stephen Juba came and sent everyone home. They decided to keep the tree. It made the news."

Shortly after that, 3 university students went and vandalized the tree, and then they tried to save it; and then it was set on fire! They had the sign on the tree: `tree under repair in attempt to save its life'. In the end someone blew it up with a stick of dynamite. Isn't that terrible?"

The scene at the top right depicts the women meeting and persuading the Mayor to save the tree.