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287 Laura Street    Location Map

This Mural was unveiled to the public on September 16, 2008.

Location: E side Laura bet. Logan & Henry, playground at rear (North) Face

Occupant: Anishinabe Fellowship Centre

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Logan-C.P.R.

Artist(s): Flora House Children, Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery

Year: 2008

Sponsors: Graffiti Art Programming

Painters: Kimberley B., Neal C., Melisa C., Charlotte D., Tasha H., Prairie H., Shyanna H., Mary K., Melody K., Uniqque O., Katrina R., Jacob S., Stephanie S., Keysha T., Jaylene L., Nathan P., Avianan B., Seth C., Jasmine H., Skylar H., Myles K., Seianna L., Christina M., Justice P., Tegan R., Lauren S., Zachary S., Usinnc L., Natisha P. Project Coordinator: T.J. Blair. GAP Supervising Artists: Diana Barsy, Darryle Caribou. Lettering: Cody Starr.