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1140 Portage Avenue    Location Map

'That Energy!'

Location: SE corner Portage & Sprague; West Face

Occupant: Armstrong & Small Eyecare Centre

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Wolseley

Artist(s): Cheney Lansard (unsigned)

Year: 2022

Sponsors: Cindy Gliroy (City Councillor), City of Winnipeg


Lansard's piece in the Renew Art Project, titled That Energy!, is a fluorescent yellow and pink image of a woman slapping her own face.

"It was an evolving process," Lansard said of creating his Mural. "It was going to essentially be a woman with a cosmetic facial mask on in the sense of renewing the skin. I ended up connecting with this great model and it evolved into this other thing- It just became about good energy. It was still keeping in tune with the theme of renewal, but it became a lot less literal and more expressive."

Lansard worked on the piece for two and a half days. His work, along with the Murals created by the other 11 artists, have helped create a positive experience for the people walking by the original Portage Avenue location, he said.

"It was very energizing and just a really exciting thing," Lansard added. "Even though the vision hadn't been fully realized yet, it was giving people an opportunity to see everything in one place. The general energy is going to connect people with seeing that and wondering where these pieces of artwork are going to end up."

Source: RENEW Art Project curator Mandy van Leeuwen