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696 Sargent Avenue (2)    Location Map


The Mural at its permanent site.

Location: S side bet.Victor & Toronto; West Face

Occupant: Sargent Taco Shop; El Izalco Market

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Daniel McIntyre

Artist(s): Xavier Mutshipayi

Year: 2022

Sponsors: Cindy Gliroy (City Councillor), City of Winnipeg


Artist Statement: This work of art represents sisterhood. Sisters do not have to be blood-related, or of the same ethnic background to share the same path. Sisters share a vision and are present for each other to achieve a common goal. They also propel each other forwards in their own personal goals. Sisters are a source of light in each other's darkness. They hold each other's hand through the difficult times life may throw at them. A sister is a friend, a supporter, and a comforter.

The sisters represented in this painting have a strong bond. Their eyes gaze in the same direction to represent their common vision. They stand together able to be vulnerable yet strong in this world paved with challenging circumstances. This piece speaks to thank that brother or sister we were blessed to meet during a part of our lives that was able to be a source of strength, motivation, and encouragement.