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696 Sargent Avenue (1)    Location Map

Location: S side bet.Victor & Toronto; West Face

Occupant: Sargent Taco Shop; El Izalco Market

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Daniel McIntyre

Artist(s): Kevin Celestino

Year: 2022

Sponsors: Cindy Gliroy (City Councillor), City of Winnipeg


Artist Statement: Renew doesn't have to be new
Renew could be a different perspective
Renew could be a fresh way of looking at the exact same thing or place or person.
Renew is being open and curious enough for change, both miniscule and radical.
Renew is seeking and nourishing the things that are already growing in the community.

Renew art project has brought me so much joy and learning. It was a chance to see the unique processes of each talented artist. It was a glimpse into the making of 12 artful expressions in real time. Not only did I gain experience, but I also gained a friendly community of artists. I am so thankful for (Project Manager and curator) Mandy van Leeuwen and the West End BIZz for making this magical project a dream come true.