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725 Wall Street    Location Map

10' X 10'
Acrylic Latex on Dibond

Location: E side bet Wolever & St.Matthews;South Face

Occupant: Telexperts

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Minto

Artist(s): Mike Valcourt

Year: 2022

Sponsors: Cindy Gliroy (City Councillor), City of Winnipeg


Artist Statement: There's an ocean of oil under our feet. It's starting to literally find its way underfoot. From ocean disasters, to leaking pipelines, we have suffered the abuse of our natural resources for a long time. We have protested the apathetic approach to the environment, and as a result of the legislation and control of Indigenous Peoples, their access to environmental rights.

I have placed the native flowers of Alberta surrounding an Indigenous figure who is slowly being covered in oil. There is an oil-soaked hand that is attempting to soothe her and make her feel safe as the oil continues to flow. The colonial attitude towards the principles and rights of the treaties wants us to all to forgive and forget. Treaties 6, 7 and 8 boundaries cover most of the land we know as Alberta. These treaties discuss rights including entitlement to reserve land, hunting, fishing and trapping as well as health and education issues for First Nations people.

The bands of colour that flow across the design represent the drilling of oil, its flow through the pipelines and eventual runoff into the land. It flows from behind and through the female figure without her consent. As if to console her, the hand brushes her cheek as she stares into the distance. The dark line represents a clock showing us how much time left before the land is destroyed, and our water is poisoned. The countdown continues...Eight...Seven...Six...