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20 Lyndale Drive    Location Map

Location: at Lyndale & Cromwell 'T' intersection; Front Face

Occupant: Winnipeg Rowing Club

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: Norwood West

Artist(s): Michel Saint Hilaire, Jennifer Johnson Mosienko (lead artist)

Year: 2022

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!

Painters: Special Thanks: KT Carpentry.


Click here for CTV's news video coverage of this Mural.

Jennifer Mosienko: "I had the honour of partnering with Michel St. Hilare, a fellow established Winnipeg artist. Though we've known each other for at least 15 years or more, this was our first time collaborating as a 50/50 partnership together, which made it even more special for us. This was a very special project to be a part of- the Winnipeg Rowing Club is one of the oldest sports organizations in Winnipeg with over 141 years (as of 2022)."

"We had the privilege of dealing with a few of the members directly to get this project off the ground. Special thanks to Elliot Garfunkel, Nick Logan and Don Hornby for helping us make this Mural come to life and derive a concept that would reflect the club, and be a legacy for the community as well."

"This was an absolutely amazing area to paint in for the community. Individuals and family members would come by on a daily basis and give us words of encouragement; and were excited to see the Mural go up with the changes as well- this was so encouraging!"

"We had a great time painting it! We were definitely a little bit spoiled working here. And the rowing club was so incredible and accommodating as well. Not often do we get a rest room and a kitchenette to use while painting outside!"

"Projects like these would not be possible without the continued support of Take Pride Winnipeg; and the funding contributions through the Riley family Foundation."

Michel St. Hilaire: "I just wanted to say how much fun this was. It was a great challenge. I always enjoy Jen's professionalism. It was a wonderful place to be. It was so quiet here. It was like a park here as far as the locale. It was just fantastic painting in the sun. It's a very colourful contemporary piece."

"This is the Riley Boathouse for the Winnipeg Rowing Club. They wanted to have something a little more contemporary for the area. The main features and focal points are the rowing and the rowers. We wanted to have male and female. There are technical layering of technical renderings of what rowing is- the linear patterns. An aerial view and a technical sketch of what rowing is as far as the movement."

Jen: "We also wanted to establish a play on light as well as some movement in the water, too."