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130 Boulevard Provencher    Location Map

'Manitoba Migrations'
The design for this lovely bird-themed Mural was by Jazz Aline. The rendering Mural Artists of her work at the wall were Mike Valcourt and Marc Kuegle. It was completed in 5 days mostly at night for projections and painting due to artists' work schedules.

Location: SE corner Provencher & Tache; rear; East Face

Occupant: Provencher Cafe and Wine

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: North St. Boniface

Artist(s): Jazz Aline, Mike Valcourt, Marc Kuegle (all unsigned)

Year: 2022

Sponsors: Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Graffiti Art Programming, Synonym Art Consultation, Provencher BIZ, United Rentals, Benjamin Moore Paints


Artist Statement: This land is a safe haven for so many birds and people, diverse and vibrant. This land will always be home, and these communities I am a part of will always hold space for me. Being abroad has made me realize that more than ever.

Many of us spread our wings and fly elsewhere, but this land and its waters will always be a place we can call home. A safe place to take refuge, someplace we'll see familiar faces faces, recognize last names, and meet cousins we didn't know we had.

I chose pelicans because of their varied faces. At a distance they are as one, but look closer and you'll see the obvious differences from face to face. I chose them as representatives of our migrating community, our collective and shared identities, our habit of coming home, and the beautiful words and laughter we share when reunited.

Source: Wall-to-Wall 2022