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510 Main Street    Location Map

'Gakina Gidinawemaaganidim'
(We Are All Related)

Location: at Main & Market 'T' intersection; South Face

Occupant: Susan A. Thompson Building, City Hall

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Civic Centre

Artist(s): Jeannie White Bird, Ellen Hart, Charlie Johnston (C5 Artworks)

Year: 2021


This is only the second Winnipeg Mural that we are aware of that has been PLANNED as a travelling Mural to be relocated and reinstalled onto other City Buildings.
One of the lovely aspects of THIS initial location is that the wall is well lit at night for the enjoyment of evening viewing!

Jeannie White Bird (at unveiling): "Experiencing the creation of this Mural these past three weeks has been a whirlwind of amazing spiritual energies with my friends, Elly Hart and Charlie Johnston. Drawing from our collective experiences and being mindful of the important messages, Charlie and I reflected on our positive working relationship, and how it's helped pave a path forward for my own future mural creations. We've learned how equity involves providing space for people who haven't had opportunities in other main stream projects. We also have a clear understanding how public art projects dealing with anti-racism and anti-oppression must not be lead non-indigenous persons, but rather, be supported so that the indigenous voice is amplified on a higher public radar. I'm grateful for the months and months of lessons and knowledge Charlie and I have been sharing with one another. We are both student and teacher in the journey we've walked together on."

"In turn, it's been equally important that i empower other indigenous persons like my young talented friend Ellen who is new on her journey of artistic self discovery. We've each found ourselves in the good healing space."

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