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255 Taché Avenue (2)    Location Map

'Panther Totem'.

Location: NW corner Tache & Eugenie; East Face

Occupant: Coronation Lanes

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: Melrose

Artist(s): Shaylene Picard (Kosmic Art) (unsigned)

Year: 2021

Sponsors: Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Signex Manufacturing, Norwood Grove BIZ


Shaylene Picard Artist Statement: This design was created as an inspiration from one of my own dreams. As I woke, I remembered a scene and created it visually with vibrant colours which resonated with me from this dream. The black panther symbolizes strength, courage, grace, feminine power and is often named 'the ghost of the forest', blending in the night. I feel very connected to the black panther as I have often been told that my own personality strongly correlated to the characteristics of this powerful animal. My intention with creating the panther in the daylight was to bring forward the strength and power of the animal, no longer needing to hide.
(Source: Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Festival notes)