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390 York Avenue (2)    Location Map


Location: SW corner York & Edmonton; North Face

Occupant: Garriock Insurance

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: South Portage

Artist(s): Paul Robles (unsigned)

Year: 2021

Sponsors: Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Graffiti Art Programming, Signex Manufacturing, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ


Paul Robles Artist Statement:

"Sanguine, a paper cut, is part of a series of Humours made in 2020-2021. The theory of the Four Humours was developed by Hippocrates, as he believed that the human body was made up of four components. These 4 Humours needed to be regulated and balanced for people to remain healthy. Four Humours were liquid within the body- blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile. These Humours could also be connected to the 4 seasons, Yellow bile (summer), Black Bile (autumn), Phlegm (winter) and Blood (spring)."

"Sanguine, is a ghost or shapeshifter, hoping to lure the viewer with beauty, wonder and playfulness, but also a 'trojan horse' of confrontation and fear."

Source: Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Festival 2021 notes.