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295 Portage Avenue (rear)    Location Map

'Crane Dreamscape'.

Location: N side bet. Donald & Smith (rear); North Face

Occupant: Dollarama

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Portage-Ellice

Artist(s): Priscilla Yu, Laura Lewis

Year: 2021

Sponsors: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Gendis Properties, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, United Rentals, Janzen's Paint & Decorations, Benjamin Moore Paints, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Painters: Mural Assistants?:
Mike Valcourt, Laura Lewis, Brianna Wentz, Jan Castillo, Pat Lazo, Jonato Dalayoan, Helgo Jakobson, Patrick Skene, Chloe Chafe, Andrew Eastman.


Priscilla Yu Artist Statement: "Birds have always captivated me with their beautiful plumage and their ability to harness the wind for travel. I can only imagine the moment for a juvenile upon their first flight, to experience lifting off into the air, and feeling weightlessness for the first time. Cranes and herons in particular are enchanting to witness in their focused attention while on the hunt for prey."

"In this work, the Sandhill Cranes of the Winnipeg landscape take the center stage and I invite you to imagine with me --- the perspective, focus, and moment of boldness during a crane's first flight at sunset." (Source: Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture Festival notes)