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97 Sherbrook Street    Location Map

'Beyond Change'.

Location: SE corner Sherbrook & Westminster; North Face

Occupant: Salvation Army Thrift Store

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Broadway

Artist(s): Kevin Celestino

Year: 2021

Sponsors: Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, West Broadway BIZ, Signex Manufacturing


Kevin Celestino Artist Statement: "It has been there all along. The sun is rising. Opening my eyes after being startled by the alarm. A full cup of water loses volume, as I take my first sip of the day to clear my parched throat. The lush leaves on the trees outside the bedroom window shutter as the brisk morning wind passes through. For the perceived betterment or destruction, change has always been there. It has been there the moment we are born, today and for ages to come after we've passed. It is the only constant in our lives. Befriending it is an everyday meditation for the alternative has proven to be fruitless."br>
"In this piece, nature inevitably has taken over. An omnipresent yet silent teacher of change, the natural world continues to teach me the values of change. Gently blanketing every inch of surface it can latch on. There are no exceptions. The moss and roots follow the grooves and cracks on the boulder. Change is growth that finds its way. The colorful mushrooms and the lone snail carrying out the task of returning plant nutrients back into the soil. Change does not stop at the end of life. Each transition seamlessly and beautifully blends with the next. Nature shows us that there is no end, only the next transformation. This is an existentially comforting idea that calms this anxious mind. Life is not a step by step list but a process in flux."

"I am reminded by nature of life's impermanence. I am reminded that this will soon come to an end and that's okay. It is okay because it is all part of the infinite natural process. We are part of nature. We are part of this beautiful process. As I close my eyes pondering about this ever- changing river of life, I smile in peace."