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1749 Portage Avenue    Location Map

'Soaring Sun'.

Location: NW corner Portage & Kinf Edward; South Face high)

Occupant: Mistecture Architecture & Interiors

District: St. James

Neighbourhood: King Edward

Artist(s): Melissa Francis

Year: 2021

Sponsors: St. James Village BIZ, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Graffiti Art Programming, Signex Manufacturing


Melissa Francis Artist Statement:"'Soaring Sun'" is one of my five original Mi'kmaq designs consisting of bright colors, bold lines, and distinct shapes. Inspired by the Indigenous history, stories, and artistic works I've grown to love about my heritage. To be gifted the Eagle feather in the indigenous culture is a great honor as they are a symbol of respect, truth, natural power, wisdom, freedom, and all that is positive. The Eagle is a messenger to the Creator. It is believed that to wear or hold an Eagle feather causes the Creator to take notice of being honored in the most humble and highest way. The bright red throughout the piece is a symbol for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Girls and Women (MMIGW) Movement. This movement holds a special place within my heart as I know many women, including myself that have fell victim to abuse and fear. Keeping the spirit of the missing children in my painting, I have included the orange spots amongst the red, following with purple for a bold and bright contrast. The intended audience for this piece is everyone and everything. There is no specific aim of certain people for my artwork as I want all ages and ethnicities to be able to enjoy, observe, question, learn and feel when they look at one of my paintings." (Source: Wall to Wall Mural Festival Notes)