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'Aski Pimachi Iwew'
("Earth Giving Us Survival Ways")
The story of the Mural is based loosely on a prophecy that with a red sky comes a time of great change as Mother Earth cleanses herself and people awake to truth and the sacred teachings.
Photo courtesy of Peatr Thomas.

Location: SE corner Portage & Memorial; window panes on North Face

Occupant: The Bay Building

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: South Portage

Artist(s): Peatr Thomas

Year: 2021


This Mural is an enlargement of Peatr's original commissioned indoor Mural for the Kaitita Cafe at the Winnipeg Art Gallert- Qaumajuq.

Click here to read Peatr's remarks about the piece and a video of its creation as well.

here to read Ben Waldman's informative Winnipeg Free Press article about this project.

here to read CBC's excellent coverage of this project.

The following prose appears at the site, with Anishinaabe Translation by Virginia Sky


Oshki peetapan asitchi oshki
A new sunrise with the new moon.

Keeoshkimatchiseh kikikooshkonikomin
After a time of change and awakening.

Mikinak kee oshki minisikay
Tepwewinik asichi neechwaso okikinamahkewinan ishi
Turtle islnad is new once again,
Built on truth in the sacred seven ancestral teachings

Kimamanan akih kitwam kakinamakonan
mehwisha kakiwanitoyank kikinamakehwinan
Ancient knowledge once lost.
Is taught to us again by Mother Nature in all that she offers.