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396 Portage Avenue (2)    Location Map

Size: 8' X 8'

Location: S side bet. Kennedy & Edmonton; black barrier wall in front of Merchant Park; North Face

Occupant: construction site at Merchant Park

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: South Portage

Artist(s): Frank Xarate (unsigned)

Year: 2020

Sponsors: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Signex Manufacturing, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival


Frank Xarate's Artist Bio and links to his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds can be viewed here.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "My works are made on various supports, such as paper, cloth, acrylic, self-sticking vinyl for cloth, magazine clippings, newspapers, as well as objects found that were consecutively attached to the works. In some cases, I use digital assemblies, my own images and images from the web, and scan organic and inorganic objects found on public roads and integrate them to my works."

"These digital/manual collages, stencils, illustrations, prints, looms and sculptures are not intended to explore unknown worlds, but rather to setup a connection with the imaginary that founded my childhood in Colombia, the memory of blackness and recreation of myths that left an imprint on my identity."

"These works also seek to build the story of a mythical landscape I use color and build characters based on the recreation of ancient myths according to my perspective of the world."
"The invisible stuff of my works are dreams, stories and objects of my childhood, as well as fears and images that appeal me from the Pacific Ocean and the dense forest I used to cross to get to the mountains. Those experiences remain dormant, like a second skin in my senses. The images that I create are a fickle body that speaks for itself by whispering their own universe where my hands screen their bodies."

Source: 2020 Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Festival notes.