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340 Boulevard Provencher (3)    Location Map

Size: 94' x 50'
Aerial Photo courtesy of Peatr Thomas.

Location: S side bet. St. Jean Baptiste and Des Meurons; Parking Lot surface

Occupant: Franco Manitoba Cultural Centre

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: Central St. Boniface

Artist(s): Peatr Thomas (unsigned)

Year: 2020

Sponsors: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Canadian Heritage, Winnipeg Foundation

Painters: Pink Panda, Joseph Pilapil, Bram Keast, Matea Radic, Nadya Crossman, Jonato Dalayon, Maison Smith, Daniel Ross, Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie


To view the lovely and informative news article about this project by Jennifer McPhee in the Canstar Lance, click here.

Intramural.e involved the painting of a central neighbourhood parking lot (it was originally planned in a much smaller basket ball court) by artist Peatr Thomas. The design was then be transformed into a temporary theatre stage, that reclaims and honours public community space (see the photo in the press clipping link above). Captured through a high-art video and performance, the makeshift stage highlighted competitive performance styles that have been policed and suppressed as recently as the 1970s, including Indigenous Powwow, Metis jig dancing, queer ballroom, and hip hop.

At the outset of the planning, Chloe Chafe (Co-Founder of Synonym Art Consultation and Wall-to-Wall) expressed that it was important that they ensure the localized community was on board with this project and have a seat at the table in planning. "Not only do we want to leave a lasting legacy for this community in the form of a Mural, but we also plan to host a community feast on the day of the event, in order to give back and honour the people that make the community what it is." she said.

"We feel that this project combines the best of visual art, performance, music, lighting design, and community involvement in order to reimagine how theatre can exist in a rapidly changing world. And even after all the performers and painters and organizers exit stage left, the colourful stage remains. It will then live on as a site for future theatrical moments,...learning to ride a bike, shooting a skateboard video, or, simply, community members meeting up to share another meal, or a story about the time a massive group of artists came together for a grand act of theatre."

'Apiw' (Swampy Cree for 'I am home', or 'Is at home') is designed and led by muralist and artist Peatr Thomas (Pimicikamak Cree Nation). The star-shaped image in its centre is the symbol of the 'spirit' or a petroglyph recognized from Peatr's mother's homeland.

Peatr Thomas: "The Mural itself is centred around the 'spirit' symbol (petroglyph), which also looks like a star- stars also meaning spirits of lost ones in some Indigenous cultures. Our sun, being a star, is what I chose of how it is depicted, a rising sun/star/spirit, and red, representing Indigenous people's rising from years of oppression and reclaiming the land as we go."

Statement from Wall-to-Wall (September, 2020): This project is a big one for us, with many different artists, dancers, partners, supporters, and friends part of its creation. In its entirety, Intramural.e is a part of nation-wide projects exploring #GrandActsofTheatre, which will be documented and released later this Fall. Our approach, to use interdisciplinary acts that reclaim and honours public community space, while highlighting competitive performance styles that have been policed and suppressed in the past, and increasing access to the performing arts in the process.

Source: 2020 Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Festival Notes

Click here to see a short Artist Profile on Peatr Thomas.