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649 Brazier Street    Location Map

Location: Brazier & Nell 'T' intersection; West Face

Occupant: Prince Edward School

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Munroe West

Artist(s): Annie Bergen, Prince Edward School Students (all unsigned)

Year: 2018


Annie Bergen: "This Mural was in honour of Prince Edward School's 100 year anniversary. My process was this: On my first day at this school, I visited each classroom and discussed the Mural theme, as well as asked the students to make sketches of their ideas. The Mural theme is 'Community, Diversity, History, etc'. After that, I worked with a group of gifted, older students who made up our Design Group. Their job was to sort through all the drawings, sort of 'quantify the info' and from there, we created a list of criteria for what ideas needed to be incorporated into our design. I then worked with the design group to create our final design. Once we had that in place, we were ready to paint! From there, I worked with each student one time, as that was all the time that we had. I started with youngest kids, who helped out with the background work. From there, as the students get older, they complete more of the detailed work. Once I had worked with each student one time (in small groups), I then painted with the design groups who helped me with the final details. We had a great time working on this Mural, and I was proud of the students' wonderful work! The Mural brightens up the community beautifully."