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Osborne Street & Stradbrook Avenue (Traffic Controller Box)    Location Map

Location: just East of SE corner Osborne & Stradbrook- traffic controller box

Occupant: traffic controller box

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: River-Osborne

Artist(s): Misty Greyeyes

Year: 2016

Sponsors: Osborne Village BIZ, Graffiti Art Programming


On November 24, 2016 Louise and I had the opportunity to see artist Misty Greyeyes at an Art Show she was showing in at the Graffiti Gallery. I had never met her before,and spoke to her through an interpreter as she has no hearing. I blathered out an invitation for her to comment on her artwork and send it to me via email. When the interaction ended I felt that perhaps I had made a poor impression and I didn't expect a response, but she DID, a few days later:

Misty Greyeyes (via email) "I really loves animals, natural landscaping without building, roads, others... Like about in the future.. Back to old times without building, roads, tech stuffs... Jehovah made an earth, animals everything. (God's names is Jehovah) It's basic of artworks."