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170 Poplar Avenue (1)    Location Map

Location: S side bet. Henderson Hwy & Brazier; South Face

Occupant: Lord Selkirk School

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Chalmers

Artist(s): Annie Bergen, Lord Selkirk School Students

Year: 2015

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


Annie Bergen: "The Mural theme is native plants + animals. We were also asked to depict gardening and ecological practices, so we have kids composting, recycling, and of course gardening. Since I've moved to the country, I am very interested in native plant species as well as gardening, composting, etc. So this subject was of great interest to me and I thoroughly enjoyed this project!"

"The garden is a 'Three Sisters' garden, an ancient, sustainable Native American gardening practice where three plants grow in a symbiotic relationship - each replenishing what another plant takes from the soil and helping each other to thrive. The corn provides support for the beans to grow up, the beans fix the nitrogen for the soil and also strengthen the corn stalk, making them less susceptible to damage, etc. The squash as it vines outwards provides shade and acts as a mulch, so plants can still thrive in dry seasons, and also helping with weed control."

"I worked with students for a couple of weeks during the springtime, painting cut-outs with students that were later installed on top of the painted Mural. On nice school days, we would go outside and start working on our background. It was a lovely location - beautifully shady till about 2 pm. At that point, kids could hardly handle the intense heat so I would generally work on my own for the final couple hours of the school day. During the summer, I worked with kids from their CSI program for about 2 weeks to complete the rest of our background painting. Once that was complete, and the Mural was sealed, my partner Lee and I installed the wooden cut out shapes on top of the finished Mural. This adds another element of relief, adding more dimension to the Mural."