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529 Ellice Avenue (1)    Location Map

'earth to table'

Location: N side bet. Young & Langside; East Face

Occupant: Rimyya (formerly Sorrento Pizza)

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Amanda Abrahams

Year: 2012

Sponsors: West End BIZ, HRSDC Summer Career Placement

Painters: Kyla, Phoenix, Jillian, Douglas, Mojy, Zion, Dakota, Kayla, Mah, Mehr, Gloria, Matthew, Rahma, Nirmala, Patience, Nishen, Durga, Mohommad, Emma, Landri, Richard, Malati, Edith, Uma, Tulssi, Vestine, Prakah, Bishnu, Tulashi, Kyle, Nina, Okoth, Isis, Jeremy, Raven, Fatima, Stefan, Lahmay, Emily, Erwin, Jericho, Aung, Christian, Josef, Gabe, Desmond, Shaneen, Ahmed, Northwind, Geneva, Paulo, Raphael, Denise K, Denise, Trinity, Badasa, Arun, Abdirzak, Fsum, Beth, Faida, Halima, Asha, Adisa, Consollee, Niat, Lidya, Sura, Zena, Zahra, Esron, Sabku, Ameen, Abbas, Keneisha, Kaynon, Yangwei, Michael, April, Zoe, Charlene, Ksu, Roselle, Ashley, Della, Drayden, Jordan, Semiah, Kierra, Trenton, Mya, Dasia, Santanna, Dominique, Nyamet.


'earth to table' celebrates the incredible diversity of the West End, by focusing on food, something we all have in common. The sharing of meals brings family, friends and even strangers together, whether at a community gardens, park spaces, around the kitchen table or at one of the area's many restaurants. This Mural illustrates the sharing of these foods, and a community living, working, and learning together.

A record 95 youth from many neighbourhood community groups and summer programs/camps helped Mural Mentor and university Fine Arts student Amanda Abrahams bring this vision to life, painting the large Mural over the summer under the West End BIZ's award-winning Mural Mentorship program. A formal unveiling for the Mural was held on September 7, 2012, with Mentor Amanda present to speak to the media members and sponsors.