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167 Sherbrook Street    Location Map

'Taking Flight!'

Location: E side bet. Sara & Broadway; West Face

Occupant: Epic Information Solutions

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Broadway

Artist(s): Michel Saint Hilaire

Year: 2012

Sponsors: West Broadway BIZ, Take Pride Winnipeg!


Artist Michel St. Hilaire prepared the following commentary for this project:

"The Mural named 'Taking Flight' is designed specifically for the Sherbrook Street community and Epic Information Solutions. This design showcases symbols of key subjects and phrases that have been brought to my attention by C.E.O., David Reid at Epic. It also depicts the vision I want to convey as an artist and a resident of the community of West Broadway, to bring empowerment and vitality to the area."

"The Mural is essentially painted in a surrealistic style. The scene is of our great prairies on which we witness the construction of diverse bridges and roads that seem to be building themselves. A tumultuous and dramatic band of clouds roll on by, over various fields. Diverse seasons and a mix of terrain are depicted throughout the Mural."

"A female figure emerges from one of the roads, symbolizing the human spirit, soaring through the sky for new ideas and shooting ahead towards new destinations. She is painted in an art deco style, similar to the classic car emblems, and she holds a large sphere symbolic of a seed in which holds a new thought or an inspiration."

"This Mural design had a few challenges including the fact that the larger amount of the public will view it while driving. There is a very strong sense of depth and perspective to draw in pedestrians. Most importantly it can be interpreted in diverse ways by the viewer."

"The flavours are very much from a personal artistic point of view. Incredible that West Broadway Biz take on this kind of exciting topic. The confidence in the artist and the artist's vision is refreshing and triggers conversation for viewers."