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1717 Portage Avenue    Location Map

Location: N side at Queen/Century offramp, East Face

Occupant: St. James Hotel Vendor; Fox & Hound Pub

District: St. James

Neighbourhood: King Edward

Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Year: 2007

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, St. James Village BIZ


Annie Bergen: "An artist painted this wall a few years back but, perhaps because the surface was inadequately prepared, the Mural didn't last very long. So, I was asked to recreate the scene of an English fox hunt. Although I was asked to work with the same subject, I had the freedom to do it my own way by creating a new composition. I did some research at the library and studied as many fox-hunt images that I could find. The design that I came up with depicts a hunting party and their hounds running through the landscape in pursuit of a fox in the foreground. The riders and horses are clumsy; one horse struggles to jump a fence and another has thrown the rider into a nearby stream. The sly fox, who gets away effortlessly, is the victor in this hunt while the hunters are in a sense mocked. I enjoy the humorous spin on this scene; I like the idea of the comparatively small and helpless fox outrunning and escaping the big, powerful hunters."