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570 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

"A History of Hats'

Location: SW corner Sargent & Furby; East Face

Occupant: Akin's African Restaurant

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Danielle Trudeau

Year: 2015

Sponsors: West End BIZ


Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner: "The 500 block of Sargent Avenue was home to both Duncans Millinery and Dallian Hat Shop. Coincidentally, next store was James Steven's Barbershop. Over the years, a beauty parlour and shoe shop rounded out the retail offerings but Duncans, also known as The Missus Duncan Millinery was a mainstay on the block, contributing to ladies fashion needs for approximately 37 years."

"People have been covering their heads for centuries to protect themselves from the sun, heat or bitter cold. To cover up unruly hair or a lack of hair or proper etiquette that is appropriate for the time; as part of a uniform, to show respect or unruly hair- or just for fashion. Hats in all sorts of styles and materials for men and for women have their place in history; and although not as popular as they once were they are unlikely to go out of style- they just adjust with the times."

"I also want to thank Christian Cassidy of the blog West End Dumplings for giving us the idea for this Mural through his history of the Hood building (which housed the millinery hat shop, beauty shop and barbershop mentioned above). It is our pleasure to remember that history with this colourful and fun Mural."

Danielle Trudeau: "As you can see here we do have an arrangement of hats all through an era and all different areas of the world. We have it arranged as if you were viewing it through a store front- taking a peek inside the windows to see all these bright and colourful hats that we have. You'll also notice the info cards that you might actually see if you were inside a store that was selling hats, giving a little bit of information and the time period that it comes from."

Walkthrough: {Photo 2) "Because our business owner is from Nigeria, they made the request to include a traditional headdress called an Aso-Oke (bottom left). This type of head wrap is beautiful with gorgeous colours and textures. We have some other hats which we are more familiar with: a Baseball Cap, a Sun Hat."

"In the next window, one of the depicted hats is actually one of the oldest in history- the Egyptian Conical Hat, which was depicted in a tomb painting from Egypt dating to 3200 BC. The Tricorn Hat is associated with pirates and the Navy. The top shelf is a hat called the Capotain, most associated with the Pilgrims."

"In the middle window (Photo 3) the hats with the flat crown and brim turned up all the way around are from this earlier era. The middle shelf has Greek Fisherman's Hats and the top shelves have Bowler Hats, In the front is a table with more colourful hats. We've got Cloche Hats on the upper level of the table which were popular from the Roaring 20s. I learned that the proper way to wear a Cloche hat is that you're supposed to pull it far down over your nose so that you have to actually have to lift your head to see! Wearing it would give off an 'aloof' look which some really liked."

"Below them we have the Fascinators. They've really gotten a lot more popular lately. There's no limits when it comes to Fascinators. They tend to be smaller pieces and they can be very colourful and super elaborate. I had a lot of fun painting these ones because I could do anything and it would be considered OK!"

"In the next panel (Photo 4) we have another cabinet filled with other hats. The Straw Boater hats, different types of Fedoras. Bottom row is more Pork Pie hats and Straw hats."

"Moving on to our last window we've got our Kentucky Derby hat which has been popular since 1875. It has become very popular to wear these huge elaborate hats. I had a lot of fun researching these hats- super colourful, super dramatic. I just HAD to include the toque, which is a Canadian staple with our crazy cold winters. We also have a couple of additions to keep up with the themes- I've got the snow globe with the Toque; an image of the state of Kentucky to go with the Kentucky hat."

"On the bottom shelf we've got the Cowboy hat with lasso; and the Top Hat- both iconic ones! Originally Top hats were made with beaver pelts; so I included a representation of a beaver pelt as an addition. More recently they started upgrading to the use of silk; and that's why have that drape of silk to show the transition from beaver pelt to silk."

"It took about two months from start to finish- there is a lot of detail. It was a pleasure working on it and it was a big learning experience. I really loved doing it."