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710 Madeline Street (2)    Location Map

'The Second Coming'.

Location: SE corner Madeline & Harvard; West Face

Occupant: Tabor Baptist Church

District: Transcona

Neighbourhood: Victoria West

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston (C5 Artworks)

Year: 2020


To view the informative Sheldon Bernie cover story in the Canstar Herald on this project and what led to it, click here.

Charlie Johnston: "(Rev.) Rod Giesbrecht's intent was for it to represent the second coming; so it's the second coming of the Jesus Mural to reflect the second coming of Jesus. The church asked Rod to come back, and Rod asked me to bring the Mural back; but not to reproduce the Mural as it was but rather to say and show something else. I have a long history of repainting over things as my decade as a sign painter; so nothing new there. But this WAS a validation about the value of the past and present Mural work itself I do; and to come back and bring something back to the building."

"Because it was referencing the second coming of Christ, the Mural was all about the light. Rod would say to me 'Jesus is the light; he's bringing light back to the world'- something of that nature. So it's all about light, illumination; and that's the aspect I took to it."

"Once again it was important to Rod and the congregation that the rendering of Jesus that was not of the Eurocentric nature of the white Jesus-but rather a brown Jesus and a character that was more trustful to the identity of Christ."

"So choosing the right figure was key and having that light-emerging-from-him type of quality. I was able to bring together two things I love to do- a portrait and cloud painting. The marks of the crucifixtion was still on his hands."

"It was two weeks or a bit longer at the wall in total. Probably the biggest improvement in this version from the 2007 one was the upgrade to Nova Color. I switched to Nova Color in around 2010 when I was in Colquitt Georgia painting the Peanut Farmer. You can really tell the difference when you look at the flesh tones in the portraits. For this one I would lay down the base colours or colour blends with Sherwin Williams type paint; and then I'll do my top coating, detailing and effects with Nova."