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567 Bannatyne Avenue (2)    Location Map

Location: N side bet Kate & Lydia; South Face

Occupant: Hugh John MacDonald School

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Alexander

Artist(s): Annie Bergen, Ursula Neufeld (Ursula Neufeld Mosaics) (all unsigned)

Year: 2013


Notes on the Mosaic Mural (Photo 3, Photo 1 right side)::

Hugh John MacDonald students and mosaic artist Ursula Neufeld created this multimedia Mural over a 5 month period.

Ursula Neufeld: "Surrounding the exterior lines of the Mural are mosaic'd flowers that represent the many countries of the students' origins.

"Representing the aboriginal culture the seven sacred teachings have been created with dishes and stained glass on or beside a hand-carved tree. The tree is embellished with tree dollars, dishes and in the roots where the saying 'There are two things we can give our children: Roots and Wings' has been created with porcelain. The tree is covered with teal stucco."