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525 Agnes Street (1)    Location Map

'Kids in the Kommunity'.
This was the site of West End BIZ's Mural Mentorship program of 2004; its 3rd successful year. The Mural features a multicultural theme with young people from virtually every ethnicity being depicted in various activities ranging from dance, sports and play.

Location: NE corner Agnes & Ellice; East and South Face

Occupant: John M King School

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Daniel McIntyre

Artist(s): Karina Cardona-Claros (unsigned)

Year: 2004

Sponsors: HRSDC Summer Career Placement, West End BIZ

Painters: Students of John M. King School


This was the third belonging to the Mural Mentorship Program of the West End. This is the 'Kids in the Kommunity' Mural, done in 2004 by Karina Cardona-Claros. The Mural was completed alongside students from John M. King School as a huge collaborative effort. If you look closely you can see that younger children are represented along the left side of the Mural and age progressively to the right side. The Mural was painted by kindergarten to grade 8 students. To choose the pictures, Karina Cardona-Claros worked with the children in the school for 6 weeks designing pictures. After the 6 weeks the children voted for their favorite pictures, which were depicted on the Mural. The most popular picture was the baby with the big head (photo 2). Some of the scenes on the Mural represent the diversity the West End has as well activities some of the children partake in.

Additional Source: West End BIZ Mural Tour notes