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1920 John Brebeuf Place    Location Map

This Mural appears in the open-air interior courtyard and garden area of the school; and is thus not accessible except from within the school building, even though the wall is 'outside'. It was unveiled to J. B. Mitchell School on May 31, 2006 in honour of the school's 50th anniversary. This Mural was rendered offsite on 21 crezone panels and then mounted in the school's beautiful open air courtyard.

In the middle is a child with her eyes closed, looking at the past. You can see the past within her arms, which are extended to look into the future. On the left is the Junior High section of the school as it was. On the right is what the school looks like today.

Location: SW corner John Brebeuf & Lanark; open air courtyard only accessible from inside school; East Face

Occupant: J. B. Mitchell School

District: Fort Garry

Neighbourhood: J. B. Mitchell

Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Year: 2006

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


Annie Bergen: "I was finishing my most challenging school term when this commission came along. It took all my strength to ignore those 21 blank panels stashed away in the basement while I studied for exams. But once I was finished school, I was able to switch from study-mode to paint-mode easily with the motivation of such a huge project. Working in my basement was a challenge; it's an old house and nothing is level, so lining up the images was difficult. Perhaps the biggest challenge was dealing with those funky- basement smells!! Still, the joy of painting that Mural by far made up for any challenges."

"One of my favourite subjects to paint has always been people. But before this mural, that mostly entailed adults. So, in preparation for this Mural, I spent a lot of time studying children's faces and making preliminary sketches. The whole experience of putting this Mural together in pieces was something I've never done before, and it was quite intimidating at first. While the Mural was being installed (photo 2), I couldn't help holding my breath, praying that everything would line up... and thankfully it did!"

"My intent was to try to depict the energy I felt passing through the halls of J B Mitchell school when this mural was still just a concept: an atmosphere of community, diversity and experiences. I hope that this Mural will be enjoyed by many generations of children, parents and teachers, as much as I enjoyed painting it."