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595 Clifton Street    Location Map

'Reflections of Connections'.

Location: E side bet. Portage and Percy; West Face

Occupant: Optima Professional Centre

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Minto

Artist(s): Annie Beach, Brianna Wentz

Year: 2018

Sponsors: Herc Rentals, Take Pride Winnipeg!, Dulux Paints, West End BIZ

Painters: Partial list: elina P, Noura, Kari M., Grace, Cavell, Naomie, Kobi, Kyer, Salwa, Ali, Blaze, Tanya,Adon as, Lily, Kaley, Zinah, Johnny,Jeff, Freddie, John, Lisa-Marie, Nadya, Lillian, Lisa, Delie, Gordy, Viv, Nardos, Delia, Zaniya, Ghadeet, Adoaya, Melissa, Hassam, Jeremy, Sim, H.P., John, Faith, Brooklyn, Jake, Liv, Leon, Kate, Jaxxy, Wendall M., Kim, Jayde, Honey, Andrea, Liz.


For a nice writeup on this wall, click here for the Canstar Metro article.

Annie Beach: "When we first met with David Lee, our wall sponsor, he emphasized that the Mural should celebrate diversity within the community, and he envisioned a park scene that focused on people interacting with respect and kindness. From there, we integrated our own ideas and considered what we thought that space would benefit from the most."

"In our previous experience of painting with children, we found that having bubbles on site keeps everyone cheerful and engaged. We also found that blowing bubbles together breaks down cultural and language barriers, so everyone can play together and have fun, and so you will see we incorporated bubbles into the Mural. We also thought that this space in the neighborhood needed a design that was very bright and eye catching, something that could be easily recognized while driving by, but would also have details that pedestrians could engage with. "

Brianna Wentz: "The design depicts children blowing bubbles in a park. Reflected in the bubbles, are scenes of the activities taking place in the park, such as friends playing on a swing set, couples going for leisurely strolls, a young family lying on a blanket, a soccer game, and two friends flying a kite. In each scene, everyone is enjoying being together in the outdoors."

"The people depicted in the Mural are varying in race, ethnicity, age, cultural background, ability, orientation, and gender expression. We painted them in this way with the hope that anyone could walk by the Mural and feel represented and connected to the community."

As Reflections of Connections is about community, diversity and inclusivity, we thought it was important to give the youth participants the opportunity to represent themselves as they see themselves, which they did through their self-portraits. These portraits create patterns over the shirts of the children in the mural. In years to come, participants can return to the Mural and see how they saw themselves at this stage in their lives.