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980 Lagimodiere Boulevard    Location Map

Detail, left side.

Location: S side Dugald just west of Lagimodiere; garage; North Face

Occupant: garage, private residence

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: Holden

Artist(s): Dave Bezilla

Year: 2011


Dave Bezilla offered the following remarks via email midway through the project:

"The Mural is a look back in time. The scene is a shot from the 1974 movie 'The California Kid' with lead actor Martin Sheen - Charlie Sheen's father, It depicts a s tory of Law Gone WRONG/BAD !! Through the eyes of the hot rodding community.

Check it out!! Local 'Good People' that have passed on as well as beloved movie/social icons, will be an integral part of this Mural. Due to the positive public response, the Mural is going to be continued all the way around the property on the fence. I am not charging anything for this Mural - rather people are supporting this with donations of love and caring;-) - The Mural is sparking incredibly intelligent conversations about society gone wrong! love it!! If the weather holds for a while there will be much more progress made."