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Corydon Avenue & Lilac Street    Location Map

East and South Face Face.

Location: SW corner Corydon & Lilac; traffic controller box

Occupant: Traffic controller box

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: Earl Grey

Artist(s): Brianna Wentz

Year: 2017

Sponsors: Corydon Avenue BIZ


This is the first of two Traffic controller boxes artist Brianna Wentz painted on site for Corydon BIZ in 2017 (the other one is at Corydon & Daly).

Brianna Wentz: "This one is less representational- it's not set in a realistic face. I just took portions of different buildings on Corydon I thought were interesting. One of them was I think it was called The Layton, an apartment building about a block away from the site. I took features from that and incorporated them into this abstract space. All of the flowers depicted were based on the flowers that were the planters that year."