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Corydon Avenue & Daly Street N    Location Map

South and East Face.

Location: SE corner Corydon & Daly; traffic controller box

Occupant: Traffic controller box

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: McMillan

Artist(s): Brianna Wentz

Year: 2017

Sponsors: Corydon Avenue BIZ


Brianna Wentz: "The theme for this one was the night life of Corydon. All of the flowers depicted were based on the flowers that were the planters that year. The two hands reaching across the table are supposed to be the friction and tension of a first date. The flowers on the other side add to the potential atmosphere, beauty and romance of the area."

"I worked in the evenings when the area was very active. On summer evenings on Corydon there is so much foot traffic. Everyone was SO interested which was really nice. I enjoyed it but at times is was hard to get any work done because so many people would stop and ask questions."