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77 Edmonton Street    Location Map

This beautiful heritage scene of Edmonton Street by Belle Fosh Signs is one of an elite but growing group of Murals that is well illuminated for evening viewing.

Location: E side bet Broadway & Assiniboine; North Face

Occupant: The Colonnade Apartments

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Broadway-Assiniboine

Artist(s): Belle Fosh Signs

Year: 1992


Rosemary Beraro (via email): "I am writing you about the Mural at 77 Edmonton St. I worked with Belle Fosh to design this Mural in 1992. It was completed that same year. I have a short story about the Mural below that I had sent to friends and associates. Thank you for including it on your website."

"What a great surprise to see a Mural that I helped create with Belle Fosh in the early 90's. I was managing this building known as 'The Colonnade'. The wall overlooked an outdoor patio that we thought could use something special on it. The developer said to go ahead and away we went to create this beautiful depiction of a Parisian cafe setting from another era."

"A few months earlier I said goodbye to my dog "Bepo" who died of cancer. In honour of her we incorporated her into the mural (she is sitting at the table looking up at the gentleman). Bepo always wore bandanas, so Belle Fosh painted her as she looked in a photo wearing a red bandana. As a surprise to me, the painter painted her name on the bandana. Belle Fosh also gave me the rendering as a gift. We had it framed and it is hanging in our foyer. I love all of the Murals but I only know the story of this one."

"Occasionally on a Saturday, I saw wedding parties standing in front of the Mural having their photo taken. The cobblestone street in the Mural seems to come out of the wall and so these wedding parties looked like they were standing inside the Mural. It was great fun to watch the photo session take place."