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207 Jarvis Avenue (2)    Location Map

Location: NW corner Main & Jarvis; East Face

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Lord Selkirk Park

Artist(s): Bobbie Sinclair

Year: 2009

Sponsors: Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba), Graffiti Art Programming, North End BIZ


This piece was part of a larger collection of artwork for the Main/Higgins underpass (which we originally showed here in 11 sections) rendered and installed in 2009. They were removed in 2014 to facilitate overhaul and reconstruction of the concrete underpass but were never reinstalled due to a different vision expressed for the underpass. We moved these Murals to our RIP section. In late August of 2017 a new home was found for 3 of the original pieces, including this one, so they have been resurrected at Jarvis & Main.

TJ Blair (Project Manager): "We worked closely with the Mosaic Market Business Improvement Zone to create these Murals for the Higgins Underpass. The majority of the artistic concept revolved around blending historic sights in and around Main street with the diverse commerce activity in the neighborhood. This was one of my favorite projects to work on as these Murals were being installed in the underpass so close to our home @ 109 Higgins Ave. Its always great when you're get an opportunity to contribute to a neighborhood beautification project in your own neighborhood! Due to the scale of the project, we were able to employ about 9 individual artists in total to work on the Murals. The diversity of painting styles are vast, which I think is a great metaphor for the people and businesses that are involved with the Mosaic Market BIZ."