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1917 Logan Avenue    Location Map

Location: N side bet. Dee & Ada; West Face

Occupant: Pal Plastics (formerly The Floor Show)

District: McPhillips-Keewatin

Neighbourhood: Brooklands

Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson Pollock

Year: 2003


Mandy van Leeuwen: "We designed a grand ballroom sort of look with the tile centerpiece on the hardwood floor. At the back outside you see an ocean or lake scene, which is helping to give that dreamlike setting. Although this is advertising for the client, it's artistically sound and it's one of the heartiest forms of advertising that is out there. It doesn't have that routine commercial look about it. We wanted to have activity in the room, and chose the ballroom dancers to inject a cheery, warm energetic feel into it. The floor is elegant with the marble pillars, curtains and the rest of the scene. We also did the lettering for them."

Jennifer Johnson Pollock: "A lot of our inspiration for this scene is taken from a Graham Rust book. He's a Mural artist as well that specializes in trompe l'oeil. We wanted a beautiful background (the ocean view), but we didn't want the background to take away from showcasing the beautiful floor and ceramic inlay. We wanted a Mural to appeal to those with finer tastes in things, so we included the pillars and the curtains. There is a bit of trompe l'oeil effect with the frame and shadowing."