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85 Princess Street    Location Map

This image shows the entire mural site including Kenneth Lavalee's 2015 enhancement and extension of the space. Photo 2 shows the 2014 South wall collaboration and Photo 3 shows the initial Kenneth Lavalee 2013 East wall.

Location: NE corner Princess & McDermot; parking lot visible from McDermot (South Face)

Occupant: deer + almond

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Exchange District

Artist(s): Kenneth Lavallee, Dany Reede, Takashi Iwasaki, Natalie Baird (all unsigned)

Year: 2014


Kenneth Lavalee (October, 2015): "The Murals you see in the deer+almond parking lot are a result of a collaboration of myself, and Chef/good friend Mandel Hitzer. Since 2013, we have partnered up and celebrated Nuit Blanche with a block party consisting of live Mural painting and live bands on the roof of the restaurant, among other fun things. For the inaugural Nuit Blance in 2013 I had asked to paint deer+almond's east parking lot wall, as it was nothing more than a bland cinderblock wall. Mandel was enthused and I (with volunteer help) painted what I refer to as the Solar System mural. The event was a success and we followed it in 2014 with a collaboration of 4 artists (myself, Takashi Iwasaki, Dany Reede and Natalie Baird) which you see on the bottom level of the south facing Hemisphere building wall. This past Nuit Blanche I opted to design and paint the mural myself, in a style more fitting with the original mural, and I continued painting one level higher, the wavy colour bands that now adorn the building. Maybe next year we will keep working our way up? Who knows! It's been a blast every year and I wouldn't want to stop."