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291 Selkirk Avenue    Location Map

Location: NW corner Selkirk & Charles; West Face

Occupant: Charles Food & Laundry; Lucky Dollar Food

District: North End

Neighbourhood: William Whyte

Artist(s): Richard Manoakeesick

Year: 2003

Sponsors: Selkirk Avenue BIZ, Herc Rentals


Richard Manoakeesick: "I met with the owner of the store who gave me the ideas of what he wanted. He didn't want it to look 'busy' and wanted a simple look. This is a landscape of where he's from; and that's him in the center there, practicing martial arts. This is Korea. He also wanted to the two women on there, and the flag. He gave me a picture of this scene and I adapted to my own style and purpose adding and subtracting stuff for my colour sketch. The mist, for example, wasn't in the original. That's my interpretation of a Bonzai tree on the right. This one took two weeks."