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287 Riverton Avenue    Location Map

Location: NE corner Riverton & Levis; South Face at West end of building

Occupant: Allmar

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Chalmers

Artist(s): Rachel (Maes) Lancaster

Year: 2017


Rachel Maes: "In celebration of 60 years in businesses, local Winnipeg based company; Allmar, wanted a commemorative Mural at their headquarters on Riverton Ave. After several meetings to discuss the details on what was to be included the owners decided the Mural should reflect the Manitoba Prairies and should also somehow include the history of Allmar."

"During the planning stage I was taken on a tour of the interior of the headquarters, and was shown the collection of art that hung on the walls. The art collection included a ton of art from various local artists and even a custom painting of the original Roadside Store on Henderson Highway where Allmar made its humble beginnings. It was then that I had the idea that the Mural should include all of Allmar's buildings as they moved through time, so I pitched the idea to the owners, and they loved it."

"The far left side of the wall (Photo 2) represents where the owners grew up, on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba Prairies. I wanted the sunflowers, the fence posts and the field with the grain-bin to be a bright cheery memory of childhood; with the petals blowing in the wind and the geese flying off in the distance. As the Mural progresses to the right (Photo 4) you come to the river, representing the river behind the original Roadside Store off Henderson Highway, nestled in the trees and flowers as that land was not yet fully developed when that store existed. As you carry on down the road (Photo 5) you pass a yellow RedeKopp Lumber Truck, representing the growth in the company as the Roadside store took on RedeKopp Lumber and transitioned into Allmar Distributors LTD at 11 Higgins (the second building in the middle). In the background you will see parts of the Winnipeg Skyline against the setting sun. Further down the road you will finish at their current Riverton location and note the proud Canadian Flag blowing in the wind."

"The Mural is completely done with outdoor house paint and brushes, and took 2 weeks to complete. The wall faces South and is enclosed on two sides with concrete buildings and sits at the end of a large parking lot. I started painting in August as the summer heat hit 30 degrees by mid-day and turns that parking lot area into a sauna. With the nearby buildings there was absolutely no air movement, so after an intense bout of heat stroke and a ton of ruined paint, I decided to only paint in the early mornings and evenings. Besides that, the painting went very smoothly, I had a great time as staff and people passing by stopped to talk and enjoy my art. I feel very honoured to have had this opportunity and was part of the 60 year celebration where my Mural was 'unveiled' as a gift to the staff and community. Thanks again to Allmar and to everyone involved, I had an awesome time!"