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75 Noble Avenue (8)    Location Map

The prairie buffalo, an important key to Manitoba's history. Artist Tom Andrich is at right. The artwork was finished in 2002, but this box did not hit the streets until March, 2003.

Location: N side bet. Henderson & Beatrice, traffic controller box on front lawn

Occupant: Traffic Controller Box

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Glenelm

Artist(s): Tom Andrich (Eclectic Fine Art)

Year: 2003

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


This is another in a series of Heritage-themed Traffic Control Boxes by artist Tom Andrich, which are situated downtown along the north side of Portage Avenue. In 2011 the box was removed from the street because a larger box became required. The box was donated to a private citizen. The 2 photos shown here are of the box at its original location at Portage & Notre Dame.

Tom Andrich: "I did a Buffalo in the summer and in the opposite corner I did a Buffalo in the winter. When you look at from the corner you see a full face Buffalo when you're seeing it from the side you see a half a Buffalo, so it's always Buffalo. I had to really watch my image so no matter which way you look there's always Buffalo. A Buffalo represented the Prairies."