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319 Selkirk Avenue    Location Map

This Mural commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Holy Ghost School.

Location: N side Selkirk & Robinson 'T' intersection; East Face

Occupant: Holy Ghost School

District: North End

Neighbourhood: William Whyte

Artist(s): Richard Manoakeesick

Year: 2003

Sponsors: Selkirk Avenue BIZ


Richard Manoakeesick: "Selkirk Ave. BIZ approached me about painting the Mural for the business owners and they gave me pictures of what they wanted on the Mural. The picture of the school on bottom is the way it looks now; and the building above it was away the school looked back then. The adult at the top is my portrait of the old Principal; the others are the kids that go there and the uniforms that they wear. They used to have Nuns as teachers there, and that's why she is there."

"There are also doves and the releasing or letting go of doves which had significance for them and they wished included in the scene. There are three doves. Their Coat of Arms is also there."

"The way I start things is I look at my sketch and then look at the wall and try to plan out where everything goes. I usually count the bricks when planning things and figuring out how much room I've got. This one took me a month, but the main reason it took so long is because I was busy with other things. In terms of man-hours, it took perhaps two weeks or less. This one was like most of mine; spray gun, brush and rollers using latex paint. The clients like it, and I've heard no complaints! I enjoyed painting it."

"One day I went for lunch and I left all my paint there. While I was gone, I guess some little kids came and tried their hands at painting one of my little people on the wall! But it was fixable, no great damage!"