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671 Corydon Avenue    Location Map

'Corydon in Motion'

Location: NE corner Corydon & Hugo; West Face

Occupant: Cottontail Cannabis Co.

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: McMillan

Artist(s): Michel Saint Hilaire, Mandy van Leeuwen

Year: 2008

Sponsors: Corydon Avenue BIZ, Take Pride Winnipeg!


'Corydon in Motion': After the completion of this wall, artists Mandy van Leeuwen and Michel St. Hilaire prepared the following Mural Project Description:

"At first sight passers by are drawn into the new Mural located at the intersection of Corydon and Hugo. The Mural is created to celebrate the character of the neighbourhood. As part of the Corydon Avenue Business Improvement Zone's efforts to establish a fresh new look for the area, teaming up with artists Michel Saint Hilaire and Mandy van Leeuwen has given the opportunity to showcase many of the exciting points of interests in the area.

All of the content in the Mural is meant to be portrayed in each viewer's own way and many of the images can have multiple meanings. As this way of presenting the art leaves more room for mystery and storytelling. At the time of erecting the Mural, people walking by even voiced their understanding of the imagery- as they would dramatically embellish the character of it. We too felt entertained by this perspective.

The BMX bike tire may suggest the motion, transportation, even game and sport when connected with the skateboarder. The boarder can represent some specialty shops, interest groups and the social existence in the area. The archway, a stylish new development to the entrance of the Corydon Street is viewed as a towering gateway to the scene. The other characters in the scene are random individuals that suggest or symbolize through the row of chairs they sit on, the array of shops and services that surround and contribute to the community. Each character sets the tone for style, social activities, and utilizing services. The roses become a tattoo design attaching itself to the foreground woman's leg as she strolls by carrying a shopping bag and fresh cut flowers. A larger than life electric guitar may set the mood for Rock n' Roll as a blanket of street lights add to the sparkle and charm. A decorative antique moulding draws the viewers to peer into a vintage car mirror which reflects an old church that is located just down the street from the wall. Next to it a billboard states interesting facts of the chosen landmark."