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290 Jarvis Avenue    Location Map

Location: SE corner Jarvis & Charles; West Face

Occupant: Winnipeg Child and Family Services Newcomer Unit

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Lord Selkirk Park

Artist(s): Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery, Nereo Eugenio II (Scenereo, Zorro), Dave Macri

Year: 2012

Painters: Munira, Hatma, Chandia, Jordana, Cynthia and Vallee.


Nereo Eugeneo: "This one was a collaboration between myself and Graffiti Gallery and the participants that come through there. We have a sattelite program in the North Point Douglas area and out of Turtle Island. Some of the youth living in the area had the opportunity to work with an artist. They were even involved in generating ideas for this."

"I came up with a final design. It was colouring book style. I did the outline and then assigned the youth and also helped select the colours! For the most part they had done the filling in of the colour. I helped here and there, and helped with the lettering. I used spray paint to touch up a little bit. For the most part, THEY deserved the credit!"

"It was great! It gave them the opportunity to know what it was like to make a Mural. There were a half dozen or so kids, the youngest being about 10. The Mural is about family and togetherness. The Boys and Girls Club had requested certain words and elements. The tree represents the family tree; and the four colours holding up the world representing Multiculturalism. We also have the parent (either gender) embracing the child (either gender)."