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29 Marlene Street    Location Map

This is Tom King's second Mural at this wall. His earlier rendering from 2002 with artists Owen Carpenter and Ian August may be found in the RIP section of this website.

Location: West Face

Occupant: Manitoba Housing

District: St. Vital

Neighbourhood: Lavalee

Artist(s): Tom King (unsigned)

Year: 2006

Sponsors: Marlene Street Kids Program


About The Marlene Street Kids Program: Jane Brenner is the coordinator of all the programs that happen here. Jane: "We also do things in partnership with other organizations. We have a few groups running at the community Centre in partnership with YMCA. We have a lot of contacts off-premise that we send our kids to. So anything the kids come to me with or the parents come to me with, we try to do that. We done a lot of different programs in the last year including all the artwork and the Marlene Street Graffiti Program; we had a drama class, crafts, we have kids cooking which is extremely popular for ages five to 11, and they just love to cook! We take the families to Fort Whyte Centre once a month for the Greener Futures program. Sometimes we take the kids to Bird's Hill Park Ranch and go on a wagon and chili ride. Through the Graffiti Gallery we have a gentleman doing art classes on Saturday. The focus of the Marlene Street Kids Program is ages 8 to 13 but we do things with kids as young as 5 and as old as 20. One of our artists is 20."

"This Manitoba housing; low income, subsidized housing. We have a real diverse population: aboriginals, lots of immigrant families from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and everywhere living here. So we try to plan our programs accordingly. Kids need to understand where other kids come from. There are 98 units here; 98 families; about 200 kids."

"The Murals Project (the five collective walls) got nominated for an award through Nancy Allen: The Manitoba Attorney General Safer Community Award. They didn't win, but they were still nominated so we got pictures all made up for everybody and got them all framed and handed them out; so they were pretty excited about that; it gave them a little boost."

"For our Murals, what I'd like to do now is to look for another kind of art. We have aboriginal art and graffiti art and I'd like to get some other style in here now because of our multicultural place we live in. We're looking for some new ideas for our walls and have just received some new funding from Clarica (the insurance company) for another year (as of July 2003). That's how all these programs run."